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Ayla Oasis Jordan

Customer: Condotte S.p.A. Roma
Solution: Rilheva® GPRS Modbus e STD
Year: 2009

Real time Telecontrol of dewatering parameters

Efficiency in groudwater management in Ayla Oasys Project" in Aqaba – Jordan (dewatering issue)
"Ayla Oasis" is a futuristic project that will transform a 430 ha desert area in a beautiful oasys crossed by (with) lagoons and surrounded by hotels, residences and recreational facilities. Reporting a total cost of 1.4 Mld €,"Ayla Oasys" is considered as "Arabic Venice" and will aim to be the new reference for "luxury resort" in Jordan and throughout the whole Middle east.

Societa' Italiana Per Condotte d'Acqua S.p.A, leading Italian company, well known for great achievements all over the world, was charged for civil works. The lagoon where now thare are only sand dunes up to 8 mt high (osl). The engineering challenge consists in lowering of approximately 5mt groundwater underneath to carry out works according to project.

To achieve this result, Condotte developed a groundwater dynamic level control project, using pumping from 97 wells installed up to 35mt depth, to allow works on dry site of approx. 15km of foundation of buildings, bridges and docks installed to 4,50mt depth.

Requirements of Condotte S.p.A. Considering the critical project, it was necessary to adopt a telecontrol system and a reliable automation with the following features:

Rilheva GPRS solution met requests of Condotte S.p.A.

Offered solution
The type of project provided two specific plants:

Pumping stations have been projected to automatically manage on and off state of each of the 8 slave wells, based on groundwater level of each well, to keep uniform lowering of groundwater.

Monitoring stations have been created to monitor effects of water extraction on precise points (piezometers)

Data transmission is continuous on GPRS net and data are analyzed to inform available staff in case of imbalance of groundwater underneath.

Efficiency increase

Time to telecontrol present state of whole system

 15 min

Optimization of water flow to be disposed and time to achieve lowering of groundwater


Time reduction of information sharing among technical staff in different offices (even in different nations)

 70 %

Time reduction for decision taking

 70 %

Possibility to foresee and avoid situations of  inconvenience and/or danger, keeping under constant control potential rise of groundwater in  excavation sites


Time reduction of pump stop identification

 90 %

Time (time-to-market) to remotely control  a device and to have on-line data

 30 min

Plant stop time in case of device subsitution for fault (a set of spare devices is always available to the user)

 15 min

Specific know-how required for installation and setting


Cost Reduction

Field staff reduction for dewatering control

75 %

Increase of plant useful period, avoiding pumps non efficient operating (“on – off”)

50 %

Reduction of management/maintenance costs of operation equipments

75 %

Reduction of management/maintenance costs of pumps

50 %

Reduction of km travelled and, as a consequence, reduction of pollution

75 %

Reduction of energy consumption, due to optimization of flow time and of continuous and “regular” operating of pumps


Cost for specific field hardware (RTU) purchase


Cost for spare warehouse management RTU


Cost for telecontrol center setting and maintenance


Cost for software licenses purchase/update


Average monthly cost for GPRS / RTU data trafic (using public APN )

< 10 €

Benefits and Results 
"Remote control system is permitting us to efficiently manage the most critical aspect of of the project, remotely monitoring in real time dewatering issue of an unparalleled extension area. 
For more than 2 years, 97 wells will be operating 24/24, with only one person that will manage on site the whole plant, reporting an internal perimeter of approx. 7 km. 
The choice taken by Condotte, to deploy a continuous monitoring to the system, is successful and allows us to operate in total safety".

Salvatore Lisci – Project Manager Società Italiana per Condotte d'Acqua S.p.A.

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