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Remote control systems are highly appreciated in the refrigeration market, as machines are often difficult to reach and physically distant physical supervision. Machines efficiency is essential to grant correct comfort level (hot and cold) in industrial and public areas. Furthermore, it is often difficult – for technical and company reasons – to use local internet to transfer telemetry data.

These limits reveal that Rilheva Modbus GPRS solution is particularly indicated for refrigeration machines remote control.
Thanks to Modbus RTU protocol on RS485 net, it is possible to manage up to 31 machines simultaneously for a maximum of 400 Modbus registers (each register represents a measure or 16 status/alarms). In case no RS485 loop can be placed, we set local wireless link at 868 Mhz or 2,4 Ghz, that permit "virtualization" of cable and a quick implementation.

Communication is bi-directional, therefore, in case of alarm event, user can remotely send commands and change setpoint. Furthermore, Xeo4 offers a wide database with Modbus mappings of major Chiller manufacturers, to be online in a click!

Rilheva technology offers unlimited benefits for :

Machine manufacturer that can:

Service Center that can:

End user that can:

Download pdf - Case history Xeo4 MtaCase history Xeo4 BlueBox

Download pdf - Case history Xeo4 MtaCase history Xeo4 Mta

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