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Acque del CHIAMPO S.p.a

Customer: ACQUE del CHIAMPO S.p.A.
Solution: Rilheva® GPRS Modbus e STD
Year: 2011
Market: Water cycle management

Advanced GPRS telemetry for tannery industrial waste water

The Customer
Acque del Chiampo S.p.A. is a supplier of integrated cycle of Valle del Chiampo area. The company supplies aqueduct, drainage and purification services in 10 local districts in the Vicenza area where a major tanning center is located – causing significant environmental impact.

Requirements and Objectives

Acque del Chiampo S.p.A., thanks to Monitoring and Controlling Service, controls tannery industrial waste water, approx. 160 companies linked to a reserved drainage net, that flows into Arzignano purification plant.
Companies waste water control is essential both for pollution load evaluation, nearly 1.500.000 equivalent inhabitants, and for purification plant proper operation. Each firm connected to the drainage net is supplied with flow and waste sample metering systems , managed by automatic devices.
Acque del Chiampo S.p.A. identified remote control as a strategic solution to implement control, management efficiency and environmental safety for waste water and other managed plants and processes.

Therefore, the company was seeking for a standard, scalable and adaptable to different plants remote control solution to meet the following requests:

Following technical-economic tender evaluation, Xeo4 was charged for remote control service deploying Rilheva GPRS® technology.

Technical features

More than 160 Rilheva® GPRS devices have been installed on Acque del Chiampo S.p.A. plants to remote monitor tannery industrial waste water and civil drainage pumping stations. Field equipment deployed: industrial PLC linked, via modbus, to a Rilheva® GPRS device granting a permanent and two-way flow connection with Xeo4 S.r.L. server farm.
Acque del Chiampo S.p.A. personnel can access remote control system securely - protected by communication protocol SSL128 bit – and simply by a WEB interface, PC , PDAs or smart-phones avoiding dedicated software

installment : just a standard browser is required. Optimization of transmitted data stream is ensured by evaluations performed on site by Rilheva® GPRS device, based on pre-set tuning. This enables a significant decrease of volume and data traffic and a more fluent post-elaboration - as only sensible data are processed. The Rilheva® solution installed on Acque del Chiampo S.p.A. plants allows to:

Benefits and Results

To achieve these results, Acque del Chiampo S.p.A. had no need to buy any hardware or software (no initial investment, no maintenance cost, no asset, no depreciation); only a flat service fee for deployed system , entirely deductible in the current fiscal year.

Rilheva® is a Cloud SaaS (Software as a Service) remote management service.

Customer assessment

"Rilheva GPRS® remote control service enabled us to be remotely operating rapidly and without initial investment costs. It grants optimization of the most critical aspect of our plants management, thanks to constant real-time remote monitoring.

Briefly, we experienced a significant efficiency increase, high data reliability and maximum safety for both integrated cycle and and for surrounding environment."

Eng. Lorenzo ASSO – C.T.O. Acque del Chiampo S.p.A.

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