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Hidrogest PV

Customer: HIDROGEST S.p.A.
Solution: Rilheva® GPRS Modbus
Year: 2008
Market:Energy / renewable sources / Photovoltaic

Telecontrol of 5 photovoltaic plants

Hidrogest S.p.A. chose to invest in renewable sources by projecting and building 5 photovoltaic plants for a total of 253kWp.
Plants are located on pumping and purification stations of "integrated water cycle", thus optimizing and protecting the territory. Hidrogest S.p.A. – today has more than 100 Rilheva GPRS installed on the territory to manage water network – decided to use Xeo4 technology to monitor, manage and publish in real time significant data relating to owned photovoltaic plants.

Main buyer requests can be summarized in 2 topics:

System Framework
Each plant is supplied with electric net analyzer DMK22 Lovato that constantly communicates with Rilheva GPRS ModBus.
Data are transmitted to the center based on differential calculation of single sample to minimize generated traffic.
Consultation can be performed, as usual, through Rilheva web application or pc or mobile device (PDA, mobile phone, smart phone).
A further request was to make available to the community electric production data. Xeo4 answered offering 3 information devices.

LED external panel
A custom information panel - LED high brightness - has been installed in the garden of Hidrogest S.p.A. headquarter at Sotto il Monte (BG).
It offers real time information relating to electric production main parameters of 5 plants managed.
It's possible to achieve data such as : energy produced from installment date, instantaneous power and CO2 tons avoided in the atmosphere.
The panel is simply connected to the electric net and dialogues with internal pc through a private Wi-Fi net, thus avoiding complicated and expensive laying of cables.

LCD Monitor
An information totem, supplied with LCD 40" monitor, has been installed in the headquarter lobby and it performs different functions:

Web site
Last but not least, information is available on web site www.hidrogest.it that on homepage shows instant production data, updated every minute, in a 5 area view. This is possible thanks to Rilheva XML export function, that allows to export and publish instant data on web site, thus avoiding internal database creation.
Due to know-how and to team work performed, Hidrogest S.p.A. can be considered a leading company in new technologies research, identifying Xeo4 as the ideal strategic partner.

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