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Elettronica CP

Customer: ELETTRONICA CP - Broadcast
Solution: Rilheva® GPRS Modbus
Year: 2006-2007
Market: FM Broadcast

Radiant system telemetric for FM radio station

The Customer
Elettronica C.P. was established in 1982 with the aim to produce plants and supply technological services for the telecommunication field.
The new raising radio-tv broadcast market was the first development issue of the company that has therefore specialized in project, plant building and maintenance.
Elettronica CP is currently leader for telecommunication project and plant building : radiant system, shelter for apparels and electric plants.
As for mobile phone we produce “ turnkey “ radiobase stations (RBS) according to contracts, technical requirements and relating laws and regulations. This was achieved with our over 10 year-long experience in the filed and with the continuous improvement research that distinguishes us.

Among our customers we have national important networks such as RDS and Radio Maria as well as local issuers located in the provincial areas.

Requirements ad Objectives
Elettronica CP has currently maintenance contracts with prestigious national issuers and networks, that allow a periodic control on transmission apparel equipments.
Managed transmission plants are often located in mountain areas difficult to reach and the continuity of service required by issuers implies and forces an absolutely rapid intervention in case of anomalies and faults.
For this reason it is fundamental to have equipments that allow a constant control of power and transmission parameters, as well as systems that automatically alert staff in case of anomalies of apparels operation. Furthermore, in case of no monitoring system, maintainer is often informed of fault after a few hours as a consequence of issuer pone call that has been alerted by the audience or following random control. This causes a longer service interruption and an image damage for maintainer that did not act proactively till assistance request.

Why Xeo4
Major efficiency in data collecting through innovative GPRS Rilheva system, intervention time optimization and an effective support to innovation management are just a few reasons the moved Elettronica C.P. to choose Xeo4 as partner for telemonitoring solutions implementation.
Through Rilheva GPRS Modbus, a high number of expansion cards of different type (AI / DI / DO / AO) can be connected to reach a complete and flexible monitoring of its plants, thus allowing to interface Rilheva with apparels of different trade marks already owned by the customer and to preserve plant investment.

Benefits and Results
Using Rilheva, Elettronica C.P. gathers data from all monitored transmission stations in real time and contemporary. Access, regulated by different password levels, can be achieved both by any pc connect to the web and by mobile devices (mobile phones and PDA), granting status knowledge even for offsite plants.
Elettronica C.P. has significantly reduced the amount of interventions and has achieved a major network control even in non manned or holiday periods as access to the system can be performed even at home using a normal telephone line at 56kb.
The possibility to work remotely on the plant (relay exit activation) allowed transmission testing otherwise impossible, as well as plant re-activation in case of malfunction without having to reach the site and automatic remote access opening. This has generated significant expense saving, reduction of plant stop periods and conspicuous improvement of the service offered to issuers and their customers.

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