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Xeo4 Technology

Thanks to constant investments in technological innovation and to the particular attention for the operational needs of the Customers, Xeo4 can provide 360° solutions that perfectly meet specific requirements.

The strategic choice

Xeo4 wants to be a strategic partner for companies in monitoring and data transmission business, thus relieving them from high costs of R&D in telecommunications, enabling a focus on their core business activities and ensuring a continuous technological update.

Company profile

Xeo4 was established in 2004, within Vemer Siber Group, after 3 years of research and development dedicated to the creation of Rilheva. Rilheva, a solution protected by a European patent, was instantly ahead of its time, drawing an innovative and revolutionary solution that many have tried to imitate since then. Since 2007, Xeo4 has consolidated Rilheva solution due to its close ties with Vemer SpA and has began to supply cross solutions for every remote management request. Since 2010, Xeo4 has began to offer complementary products and services to provide customers with high added value turn-key solutions. The hundreds of installations at major business groups - Italian and worldwide - confirm the quality of services and expertise of the professionals who deliver them.

Xeo4 wants to become, increasingly, the reference point in M2M market by offering advanced, extremely reliable and efficient services of remote management and remote control via Internet.

Xeo4 has created a technology center dedicated to R&D where we make and test the prototype hardware and we develop the firmware of each device. The use of technology and industry standard protocols such as TCP / IP, GPRS / UMTS / WiFi, Modbus and relational databases such as SQL Server, allows us to integrate Xeo4 solutions with existing systems at the customer control center. Thanks to productive resources and know-how, Xeo4 owns all the skills to manage the entire development cycle of solutions:

  • Administration, commercial structure, software development and customer care: at Piacenza HQ.
  • Design Hardware / Firmware and production: at Vemer SpA Feltre (BL)
  • CED: In the Server Farm Seeweb MiX in Milan.

Technological progress in ICT allows us to overcome time and space limits that were unthinkable just a few years ago. Xeo4 mission is to respond to any new business opportunity with a solid investment in research and innovation.

For this reason, Xeo4 has created a team of highly skilled professionals on emerging technologies and able to translate their know-how into real solutions.

Xeo4 brings the future of remote control to the present of your business.

Xeo4. Remotely close

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