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Xeo4 S.r.l.
Via Asti 5
29121 Piacenza - Italy
Tel +39 0523.498721
Fax +39 0523.401738

Capital Euro 90,000 f.p.
Companies Reg Piacenza 03434600239
Tax Identification and VAT nr. 03434600239

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Xeo4 VAR program

Xeo4 intends to relay on a value added reseller network, that re presente a key point of contact with the market due to their widespread presence on the territory and, most of all, to their ability to understand the needs closely related to different geographical and commodity environments. 

To become Xeo4 VAR we require specific knowledge in reference field, dynamism, service orientation and willingness to constantly invest in technological update of own resources.
If you want to discover advantages of becoming Xeo4 VAR, contact us and briefly describe your company and operating fields:


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