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Electric Boards

QE Rilheva - QER-220

QER-220 electric board is specifically created to contain Rilheva device and to correctly interface it with field equipment.

It is supplied with accurate power level thanks to thermal-magnetic differential, to voltage surge and to switching power supply with battery charge function (sealed lead acid gel battery included).
It also has a relè for no power remote signal. QER-220 electric board is suitable to Rilheva device and is supplied with pre-wired removable terminal blocks.

QER-220 Rilheva electric board technical features

 Power supply

 220 Vac


 n°1 MT Diff 2x6A 0,03A

 Power supply protection

 Pair of dischargers 220Vac, brand Dehn


 12Vdc 3,0A switching power supply with in/out fuses

 No power supply signal

 Through buffer battery  rele 12Vcc a 2,0Ah

 External link

 Modular terminal block


 Insulated solid door


 400x500x200 mm (lxhxp)


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