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Probes and transducers

X204r level transducer

X204r electrical piezometer can relieve hydrostatic pressures in tanks, wells or, generally, in hydric corps. In this case measure relates to barometric pressure as membrane of pressure transducer communicates with the atmosphere via a small tube located in the power and signal cable.
It is supplied with polyurethane signal cable with Kevlar reinforcement and internal compensating tube.

Level transducer is perfectly adaptable to Rilheva GPRS STD device as it exploits internal stabilized power supply of Rilheva to create power loop.
Transducer exit is 4-20mA type and calibration can be set even on specific request of customer.

Technical Features of X204r Piezometer


 5,10,20,50 m Water


 100% FS

 Voltage Supply

 12-30 Vcc


 4-20 mA

 Non Linearity

 0.25% FS

 Working Temperature

 0 +80°C


 Inox AISI316


 22 mm

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