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ICT technology evolution allows to overcome space and temporal limits, unbelievable just a few years ago. If on one hand new horizons and business opportunities have been created, on the other market requires a strong ability to invest in R&D.

Bearing in mind that these elements must be the base of a winning development strategy, Xeo4 created a highly specialized team on emerging technologies and able to put their own know-how in concrete solutions.

Thanks to the resources and the power of the Group, Xeo4 is able to offer a solution that perfectly meets the customer requests and is available for collaboration on specific projects side by side, creating a system "ad hoc" complying with project time schedule.

Xeo4 follows its customers in each project step:

Furthermore, we have created our own CED in Milan MIX (Seeweb) Server-Farm, offering customers the possibility to use, in hosting, facility and system of management and remote control.

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